Sports Funding

Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium 2018

Action Plan 2017-18

Physical Education at West Ham Church School / Our Philosophy

Children take part in the statutory 2 PE lessons per week where they play sports such as football or basketball.   All year groups do 2+ PE lessons per week.  This includes expert training for children in Karate.   We offer children a number of other opportunities to get into sports (breakfast clubs, lunchtimes and after school clubs are available for all).  There are 14 after school clubs offered for children from Reception to Year 6, of which 46% are sports such as dance, ballet, football, karate and sometimes basketball.  Our lunchtime sports clubs include basketball and we are working to include netball.  Sports day take place each summer and they continue to be traditional, competitive days where children compete individually for gold, silver and bronze medals and as a member of their house for trophies.  Interhouse sports have been introduced.   Year 5 children have the opportunity to take part in Bikability training which teaches them road safety skills.  There  are residential visits for Year 6 including canoeing, high wires and caving.  Special events (Mile End Climbing Wall) are organised most years and gives children the opportunity to take part in physical activities and learn new skills. 

Year 5 children learn to swim through weekly swimming lessons at the local Leisure centre.  Our breakfast club and after school nurture clubs also include outdoor activities.  We are also involved in local sporting tournaments for basketball, karate and sometimes football.

We buy into an annual SLA with Cumberland School where they train pupils and staff in physical education.  Some of the events arranged by Cumberland are Cross Country running, Mini Olympics, Dance Mats, archery, tennis, rugby, football and basketball tournaments.

Plans are in place for a second playground.  The Sports Grant will go some way in supporting the school with the purchase and set up of the playground and contribute to a new adventure trail.

We are committed to sporting activities which teach many of the skills needed for academic achievements also such as perseverance and discipline.