Sports Everyday!

Sports sessions with our newest staff member, Mr. Starvinou, from Sporting4schools, have been a real hit with the children who are thoroughly enjoying having sport and fitness sessions every day upon their return to school.  

During lockdown, it has been challenging for the children to exercise regularly whilst at home and the chance to learn new skills in a big open space at school is invaluable for the children. We are very lucky to have such good facilities here at WHCS. All the sessions have ensured the children are maintaining social distancing whilst keeping them active.

There has been circuit training, multi-skills, badminton, hockey, and various forms of non-contact football and tag. The children are receiving high quality sports teaching and it is going down very well indeed!
Sporting4Schools will be continuing with WHCS when we return to school in the autumn. Each class has at least one session of P.E. timetabled with Mr. Starvinou or a member of his team. Sport4Schools will also be running after school clubs Monday-Thursday.