School Improvements

We have been busy improving our classroom and outside environments during the summer term and holidays. Classrooms in the main building have been made more spacious and the new teaching walls create safe, hygienic environments in which to learn. Children in Class 1 and 1/2, who came back to school in the summer, enjoyed their first lessons in the newly transformed classrooms and gave them a big thumbs up. Work is currently in progress in the new Ladybirds and Honeybees classrooms as you can see from the photos.

Two other projects focused on developing outdoor education are about to commence on the 17th August. The Early Years outdoor area will be further developed to include a water play area, a mud kitchen and a children’s roadway to ride on trikes and small bicycles. The area at the far side of the field, nearest to the church, is being transformed into a dedicated Forest School area and will include a willow dome, butterfly box, insect habitat, ladybird tower, hive seating area, hollow log, raised woodland hut, a storytelling area with chair and benches, a climbing structure and a bespoke fire-pit. Children in EYFS and KS1 will have an afternoon of Forest School provision each week enabling them to play, explore, and learn how to take supported risks. Forest School sessions develop confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.

All the children will have opportunities to explore and learn in the Forest School area with lessons particularly supporting art and science. We are very excited about welcoming the children back to school in September and sharing our new facilities with them. We will post photographs on here as soon as possible.