School Activities


We have specialist teachers from the Newham Academy of Music who visit the school to support our music curriculum across the school.


A tutor from Newham Music Academy provides in school tutoring for violin for Key Stage 2 children. Please contact the school office for further details.


We have a KS1 choir that meets after school.



There is a chance for boys and girls in the juniors to play netball. We practise and learn the skills once a week after school from 3.30 until 4.30 pm.


Football has always been an important part of life at WHCS. After school clubs run for Year 2 and KS2 children during the year.


Children in Year 6 have the opportunity for basketball lessons coached by a specialist coach.

Athletics and PE lessons

We are part of the Schools Sports partnership with Cumberland Secondary School, which gives us opportunities to enter many events during the year as well as specialist teaching from their staff.


Year 5 children attend weekly swimming lessons at Balaam Leisure Centre.

Children are expected to take part in all PE lessons including swimming unless they have a doctors note to excuse them.

Other study support activities

We pride ourselves on what after school clubs we offer and have already reached the Quality in Study Support Emerging status.

We host a range of non-sport activities after school to enhance and enrich children’s learning. These include ICT, needlework, homework and art clubs.

Personal, social and health education/citizenship

These are seen as vitally important in the development of happy, healthy individuals. The school follows the non-statutory guidelines of the National Curriculum 2000; Sex and Drug Education are incorporated into the wider PSHE programme.

Playground Buddies

Exceptionally behaved children across the school enjoy taking responsibility for other children during lunchtime. They organise sports equipment and lead playground activities.

School Council

WHCS has a long established School Council tradition. The Council meets regularly to discuss issues of concern within the school community. Elected representatives from Year 2 to Year 6 raise points for discussion and where appropriate initiate action for improvement.

School Camp

A school camp takes place most years. Year 6 visit Fair Play House in Maldon, Essex. It is an outdoor activity camp; the range and demands of the activities becoming increasingly challenging for the older children.