Links for Children

Websites for the very young



This is a lovely BBC site for preschool children with games, stories, songs and activities. 


Nature Grid


A lovely website from Kent NGFL Naturegrid which allows you to take a virtual pond dip, identify insects, explore woodland and wildlife and learn how to become more respectful of the environment as an eco explorer. 


Animal Sounds Library


Have you ever wondered what sound a giant anteater or a panther makes?  Find out at Sea World. 


Storybook Web


Enter StoryBook Website

This delightful storybook site allows you to do activities relating to stories, watch videos or listen to audio clips of authors and illustrators talking about their books. 




This website aims to make learning to read and write fun. 




Have fun with the Teletubbies by listening to nursery rhymes and playing games.


Fun with Spot


Can you find Spot?




Learn more about the Dr Seuss characters through games and find out about the person who created the books (Hint: there’s something special about his name).





Play games, watch videos and listen to music with the popular purple dinosaur.


Sesame Street



The website of the famous Sesame Street comes complete with games, songs and videos.  Learn your alphabet, sounds, rhymes with your favourite characters.


Angelina Ballerina


Put on your dancing shoes and find out about your favourite Angelina Ballerina characters, play games and discover  a little about the real ballet.


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General websites

BBC Schools

Help, information and activities on all subjects. 

BBC Bitesize


BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource for KS1 and KS2 SATs preparation in English, Maths and Science.  It is highly recommended. 



All the latest news presented especially for children. 


Fact Monster

This site is perfect for homework help with a dictionary, thesaurus, atlas and encyclopaedia on topics such as the world, customs, science and words.  It also has games and quizzes for you to try.

Primary Games


This popular site offers educational games in a wealth of subjects.  Become a Chobot, view interactive e books and much more. 



Try this website for fun facts, weird science, games, jokes and riddles and tasty recipes.  Can you think of a word which rhymes with orange? 


Play Kids Games


This is so much fun you won’t realise you’re learning as well.  Rescue apples, count seahorses, help bees with their hives, play alphabet games, test your memory and other games and activities.  Try it!



Help Nico and his friends through many adventures.  Find the treasure in the Land of the Pyramids, escape from cruel pirates on the Pirate Ship and solve problems in Roboticaland all using your maths, English, geography, science and history knowledge.  They’re counting on you!

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BBC Schools Literacy

Literacy resources for children aged 4 -11 years.

Channel 4 Book Box


At this website you will find information on your favourite authors,   writing tips and games.

Scholastic Kids


This site is all about getting you interested in reading.  You will find great book recommendations, games with book characters.  Find out about your favourite authors and much more. 

Poetry Archive



Find out everything about poetry, poems or poets that you could want. 

ICT Games Literacy


ICT Games contains  a host of activities and games to improve your literacy skills.  Play games like Tell A T-Rex, Rhyming Rockets, Letter and Sound bingo.

My Home Library


Find book reviews, personalise your books with printable book plates and take part in writing competitions.

Fun Brain Spelling


Improve your spelling with Fun Brain. 



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BBC Schools Numeracy


Maths doesn’t have to be scary. 


A Maths Dictionary for Kids


A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather. Animated, interactive math glossary with over 600 math word definitions at words terms definitions examples activities practice calculators interactives

Try this website if you need help with definitions of maths terms with examples and activities.


Money Sense


Money Sense will help you find out what a bank is, how to set up your own business and how to save money wisely.


ICT Games Numeracy


Games for infants

Numeracy games aimed mainly at infant children, but may have some use for older children also. 


Math Playground

At this interactive American site you will improve your maths skills through activities, games and problems.  Visit the Mall, balance fractions, take part in the maths Olympics and much more.  This excellent site is suitable mainly for older children. 


Time Monsters  

Are you having trouble telling the time? Allow Professor Tempo to help. Don't forget to turn on your speakers.

Fun Brain Maths Arcade


Fun Brain offers arcade style maths educational games for primary aged children.  Try games such as the Bumble Numbers and Mummy hunt. 


Primary games


Maths games and worksheets for children and teachers.


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BBC Schools Science

This site includes science activities, information and games.


Channel 4 Science Essentials


Learn the essentials of KS2 Science with Channel 4.


Star Child


Star Child is a website for all you budding astronomers.  It has information and movies on the solar system, space exploration and what to wear should you visit space...



We Choose the Moon  

At this exciting and interactive site you can journey to the moon in real time on the Apollo 11 with Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.   Remember to turn up the volume and to print off your certificate as your proof of flight when you are done.  So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for lift off.  We are go...

University of Illinois Extension Kids




This is a lovely site for children about earthquakes, volcanoes, the weather, plants and where our food comes from. All told through colourful pictures or cartoon characters.  Follow the adventures of Herman the worm and much more. 

Nature Grid


Take a virtual pond dip, identify insects, explore woodland and wildlife and shows how to become more respectful of the environment as an eco explorer. 


Animal Info



Sea world offers you the chance to find out about many animal species, fun facts, what sounds they make and the ecosystems they live in.  Take a dive!


Science Kids


This website from New Zealand gives science facts, wacky experiments, games and activities.  Do you know which animal produces the loudest sound?


Yucky Discovery


You won’t want to look, but you won’t want to look away!




Explore the science of music, growing things, space travel and more.  Discover where languages come from, what the weather is like in space and how your eye works.  This fascinating site      comes highly recommended particularly for older children.

Children’s British Heart Foundation


At this website from the British Heart Foundation you will find games, activities and fun facts for children.  Find out how your heart works and help a heart surgeon.  


Warm and Cold-Blooded


What are you?


World Book at NASA for Students


What is air and what exactly is the greenhouse effect that people keep talking about?  Learn all about the universe and the world with NASA. 


Fish FAQ


It’s a bit fishy...


Sea and Sky


Explore the oceans, the seas and outer space and find out what lurks there...





Brett Westwood’s Guide to Birdsong

Have you ever been woken up by very loud chirping and tweeting and wondered which bird or birds were making all that racket?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!

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BBC Schools Geography

Geography for KS1 and KS2. 

Channel 4 Geography Essentials


Learn all about people and places, your local area and the environment in this colourful site.  Discover where water comes from, what is the hottest and the coldest place on earth and who lives at the North Pole.


National Geographic Kids


National Geographic Kids is an interactive website with stories, photos and videos on animals and places.  Check it out!


Every Last Drop

Try this wonderfully interactive website if you want to know some fun facts about water.

Recycle Zone


For everything you’ve ever wanted to know about rubbish.

Map Zone


MapZone contains games, fun facts and competitions from Ordnance Survey maps. 


Tropical Rainforest


Have you ever wondered about the rainforests, who and what lives there, why they are so important and why they are disappearing? 


Weather Wiz Kids


Find information on everything to do with weather like tornadoes, earthquakes or clouds.



Learn about volcanoes and whether it is possible for them to be predicted.




Can you label all the oceans and continents in the world?


National Geographic Maps: Tools for Adventure


Become an expert navigator with National Geographic Maps.  Also explore the pyramids, the ocean floor and discover what treasures may be hiding there. 

World Factbook Find up to date information on the flags, maps and country facts.

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BBC Schools History

This site has history activities and information from the Roman era, Ancient Greece through to  WWII.   Don’t forget to take a Walk Through Time.


Show Me


Show Me is a fun history site where you can learn about eras in history such as the Tudor or Victorian times.  Learn how to clean Big Ben, and play educational games. 


History Essentials


This website from Channel 4 gives an entertaining breakdown of history from the Ancient Egyptians to the modern times.  Find out what the word history means and what it has to do with the Ancient Greeks.


Ancient Egypt

Take a trip back in time and learn all about the Ancient Egyptians. 

Adventures in Ancient Greece 


This is a fun and educational interactive site made for 7-8 year olds that walks you through life as it was for the Ancient Greeks.


Schools Liaison


This colourful interactive site from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will help you to understand about history from the Ancient Egyptians to World War 2 and take part in fun quizzes. 


Bayeux Tapestry


A beautifully presented site where you can find out all about the story surrounding the Bayeux Tapestry, William the Conqueror and what actually happened in 1066.


Medieval castles


Find out about the different types of castles, what it was like to live in one and how to become a knight. 


Tudor Britain


The Tudors

Find out about life in Tudor Britain, their religions, what they did for fun and have a go at jousting.




Ahoy m’hearties!  Try this site for high sea adventures, if you dare...


The Great Fire of London

London’s burning.  Go back in time and discover what happened that morning in 1666, the effects of the fire and how the city was rebuilt. 

Tower Bridge Facts


Discover the history of Tower Bridge in this interactive site. 


BBC Famous People


Find out about famous people throughout history in this interactive site.  Florence Nightingale, Christopher Columbus, Henry VIII, the famous engineer Brunel and others.


Anne Frank Guide


This is a website about the most famous child diarist, Anne Frank.  It also contains a timeline of events during WWII and helps with projects and presentations.


Geffrye Museum Kids’ Zone


Use this site to discover how people have lived through the ages.   Search for the missing dog Sam in a Victorian house and design a garden or room in the style of different eras.


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BBC Schools Religious Festivals

Learn about the six main religions and their important festivals.



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Artisan Cam


At this site you can watch videos of artists and sculptors in action and have a go yourself using their online workshops. 


Art Games


Explore art through play. Can you find the hidden objects in the paintings?


Art Attack


The CITV website of the popular show has plenty of ideas to keep you busy.  Make fun picture frames, improve your paintings, build 3D sculptures and find out what crayonting is exactly.


Famous Artists


Find out about the famous artists da Vinci, van Gogh, Picasso, Dali and Warhol. 


Tate Kids  

Explore the artwork of famous artists and children your age, create your own galleries and try out the fun craft ideas


A. Pintura Art Detective


Become an art detective for the day as you try to find out what happened to Grandpa’s painting while learning a bit of art history in the process.



BBC Primary Art

Learn how to create three themed murals of the countryside, Lough and forest.  It also includes video clips and slide shows. 


Learning about Landscapes


Discover what landscape painting is and how to create your own. 


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Modern Foreign Languages


BBC Schools French


Salut!  Learn new phrases through listening and repeating after French children and through games and songs.



School of French


Navigate the different rooms in the castle and learn the French words for the items there.  Don’t forget to turn on your speakers. 


BBC Schools Spanish

İHola! Try this site if you want to learn Spanish words and phrases to impress.


Channel 4 – Modern Languages


Test and improve your French with Mimi or your German with Hennings.



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BBC Schools Music

Solve musical mysteries using sing-alongs and even stage your own school musical at Sleepover Planet...


BBC Play! Making Tracks

Keep in time.  Musical games from the BBC.


Symphony Kids


Learn about music with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.  Find out about the instruments in an orchestra and the basics of rhythm, tempo, pitch and harmony in the Music Lab.  Don’t forget to turn on your speakers. 


New York Philharmonic


Create your own music and find out about young musicians. 


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