How to help your child


Number bonds and times tables (multiplication and division) are important foundations of further maths knowledge.  Without a thorough knowledge of these rules, children will struggle with maths later on.  Please help them to learn their number bonds, multiplication and their division tables.  Start with the easy tables first:  2, 5, 10, 11 x tables - before moving onto the others.

Times Tables Grid


Please read to and read with your children regularly and encourage them to read independently.  Keep a list of the books that each child has read and you will be surprised how many books s/he would have read and how much progress has been made.  


Encourage children to write as often as possible and to form their letters correctly.   They could write about things they have done or places they have visited.  They could also write diaries, book reviews or creative stories.  Keep a scrap book of holiday places visited and of course include your children’s comments on the events.


Targets are a very important part of school life.  Parents are asked to check their children’s targets for the term and speak to the teachers about how they can help their children to improve in their Maths and English work.

Parents are invited to attend Maths and English events.  Book fairs are run regularly.


The school runs a parenting course at intervals giving useful tips and advice to parents and carers.  The course is run over an eight week period and led by the schools Learning Mentor/Family Support Worker.  Parents who attended the last series of meetings found it a useful and informative resource and I would recommend it to parents who are able to attend next time it is run. 

Web Links

Please check the links pages for children and parents as these contain many carefully selected websites.  The websites for children cover many areas of the curriculum and should prove useful as homework aids or as important general knowledge. General knowledge is an important aspect of comprehension.   All of the websites are presented in fun, colourful and informative ways.  New links will be added as they are discovered.