Free School Meals

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools based on the number of children registered as being on Free School Meals.  The main aim of it is to attempt to improve the education and life chances of those children from low income families.

We use the funds each year to provide additional support to these children through generally smaller sets, 1:1 tutoring, group support or small group teaching and to provide for opportunities and after school clubs that enhance the experiences of more disadvantaged children.





The percentage of Year 6 children scoring Level 4 and above rose from 86 to 91 in maths and from 89 to 96 in writing (2012-2013). The percentage of children scoring Level 5 and above in reading rose from 26 to 47, from 20 to 36 in writing and from 17 to 31 in maths (2012-2013).

Children have also had the chance to visit the Mile End Climbing Wall and the Barbican and the school currently provides 12 after school clubs free of charge.

It is, therefore, important that although children do not pay for school meals that parents still register for Free School Meals as this will provide greater outcomes for the children in the long term.  Thank you to the parents who responded to our drive to get registered last year.

If you are eligible, please contact the school office for more information on how to register.