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Breakfast club

The school runs a popular Breakfast club each morning from 7.30am to 8.45am.

At West Ham Church School we realise the importance of healthy eating and the benefit of a good breakfast to start the day.  We strive to support parents in providing a safe, healthy and stimulating start to the day for your children.

We charge £1.20 per day and the children can choose from the following:
Cereal, fruit, toast, yoghurt, fruit juices, milk, porridge and there are also extra items available on a daily basis.

Monday – Boiled Egg
Tuesday – Bacon
Wednesday – Beans
Thursday – Scrambled Egg
Friday – Cheese on Toast

Children may have as much of the above as they wish.  We do encourage children to eat what they have taken and they are closely supervised to ensure that they have all eaten before they play.

After they have eaten their breakfasts there are different activities they can join in to.  They may go into the ICT suite and play on the computers.  There are lots of board games to play.  Some children may like to draw and colour.  There are also skipping ropes and ball games to play in the hall.  At around 8.00 a.m. children who wish to are able to play football and basketball outside. 

There are also now structured activities on different days for children to join in with if they wish. 

Monday – Board games/Ball games
Tuesday – Art club
Wednesday – Homework club
Thursday – Dancing
Friday – Board games/reading

Please contact the school office if you are interested in your child attending Breakfast Club.

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After School Nurture Club

The school runs an after-school provision from Monday to Thursday from 3.15 to 4.45. 

There will be a charge payable in advance either weekly or monthly.  Snacks and drinks will be provided at no extra cost. 

Our aim is:

  • To provide a safe and educational service from 3.15—4.45 pm (other than those days closed for bank holidays, school holidays, staff training and maintenance).
  • To endorse the ethics and mission statement of West Ham Church School.
  • To encourage out of school activities that enhance the educational service already provided by West Ham Church School.
  • To be financially sustainable and provide an independent accounting system that meets FMSIS standards.
  • To provide parents with information about activities and events on a regular basis.

Children will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete homework on a daily basis.
  • Join in daily exercise and fun activities such as art and computer sessions.
  • Have access to literacy materials and board games.
  • Assist with preparation of afternoon snacks.

Please contact the school office for further details.

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