The Rights Respecting Silver School Award gives our children the opportunity to learn more about the community and the world. Our children know of and promote the UNICEF Articles and the rights of all children.
  Forest School
We have official Forest School status. Children explore, have fun and learn in the many outdoor areas of the school and on occasions, in the local park.
Sainsburys School Games Award – Bronze
  The Early Years Foundation Stage Quality Mark celebrates the school’s strong commitment to improving the children’s experiences and life chances which includes communication, language, literacy and maths.

The Inclusion Quality Mark recognises that our school is known for the celebration and inclusion of all children and their families.

The Basic Skills Award recognises our work towards achieving high standards in reading, writing, spelling and numberwork.
WHCS was awarded Healthy School status for our work on the four main themes: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Safety and Emotional Health and Well Being.
For more information on our 'green' ventures, please see our Sustainability page.
We achieved the Quality in Study Support (QiSS) for our focus on out of hours learning which includes many morning, lunchtime and after school clubs.

Staff and children, through our School Travel Plan and Junior Road Safety Officers, work to improve our environment and raise awareness for environmental issues. (See Sustainabilty)