Sports Funding

2013 - 2015

The Government is allocating £150 million to support and improve the provision of physical education in primary schools from September 2013.  Each school will receive £8000 plus £5 per pupil.  West Ham Church School has therefore received £14,749 from 2013 – 2015.

Cumberland Sports Partnership

Since 2011 it became necessary for the school to pay for the support from Cumberland. The sports funding will, therefore, contribute towards this. The partnership with Cumberland Secondary School allows us the opportunity to receive specialist teaching from their staff which includes basketball or cricket during the lunchtimes and after school. It also provides agility, fitness testing and dance mats sessions.

Impact: This resulted in many sporting activities for the children such as training of young sports leaders, in-school lunchtime sports, sporting events such as ‘Run in the Park’, KS1 Mini Olympics, Dance Mats and competitive basketball.  All of these activities greatly enrich the PE curriculum and allows the children to take part in sporting activities beyond the statutory two PE lessons per week.

Pay for swimming lessons and transport to lessons

Learning to swim is part of the National Curriculum and all children in Year 5 take swimming lessons at Balaam Leisure Centre.

Impact: This year has seen the greatest number of pupils achieve significant gains in their swimming ability.  8 children achieved 25m (Stage 5).  12 Children achieved 10m (Stage 2).

Purchase of equipment and resources

The funding will be used to upgrade gymnastic equipment, purchase ballet bars and mirrors, new football posts and playground sports equipment.

Impact: The gym equipment was replaced.  The upgrades included a new hall climbing frame, benches, mats and agility tables.

Increase participation in school sport

We already run a number of after school sports clubs such as karate, ballet and football and lunchtime sports such as basketball.  In order to ensure that all children can access additional sports, not just the ones who choose to join clubs, we will use the funding to release staff members to run additional sports for children in all key stages and to buy equipment for the sports.  The sports will include bike riding sessions, hockey, volleyball and cricket.

Impact: Lunchtime sports including football, basketball and bike riding increased resulting in several pupils in Years 4 and 5 achieving Level 2 Bikeability awards.  Year 6 pupils were able to experience a wide range of sports and gain additional skills in archery, rugby, cricket and tennis.  This ensures that children who do not opt to take part in after school sports are still able to access additional sporting activities.

Staff training in gymnastics

A gymnastics coach will be running training sessions to develop staff expertise in the teaching of the subject throughout the school.  The funding will also allow for cover to be arranged for this to take place.
(This strategy will take place during the Autumn Term 2015.)

Increase competition participation

To increase participation in local competitive sports events such as football tournaments and funding to allow staff to attend fixtures and transport costs to events for children and staff. 

Impact: Participation in competitive sports has increased from occasional participation in tournaments to regular participation in competitive football, basketball, athletics (KS1 Mini Olympics) and cross country (Run in the Park). The school’s basketball team achieved silver in a Newham basketball tournament in December 2014.


2015 - 2016

Cumberland Sports Partnership

The SLA with Cumberland is to continue.  This service provides specialist teaching in a wide range of sports and access to external sporting activities and competitions. 

Pay for swimming lessons and transport to lessons

Due to the closure of the local leisure centre, Atherton, the Year 5 children have needed to be bussed to Balaam Leisure Centre to take part in their swimming lessons.  The impact of these lessons is monitored by the number of children able to swim 10m and 25m unaided.

Part funded after school clubs

As 8 out of a total of the school’s 18 after school clubs are sports based, the funding will be used to allow for free or subsidised sports clubs.

In school karate classes

A qualified karate instructor is running weekly teaching sessions for some children.

Maintain participation in school sports

The number of lunchtime clubs and additional sports sessions are to be maintained or expanded.  This will include a cycling club. 

Competitive sports participation

The funding will pay for the fares to attend local tournaments and friendly matches with other schools which will enable us to maintain or increase our participation in external sporting activities.  Competitive sports are a very important way of teaching good sportsmanship and the importance of winning or losing with grace.

Inter-house sporting events

A system of inter-house sporting events is being set up which will extend the use of the school’s house system.  This, again, will increase the children’s access to competitive sports and give them the opportunity to use the skills that they learn during their PE lessons and clubs.