The Year 6 children left us speechless during their performance of Macbeth on Thursday 11th July. The drums beat, the fog was thick, cauldrons bubbled, Macbeth saw daggers and Lady Macbeth tried and failed to cast out her guilt. And finally, and quite spectacularly, Macbeth's end was dramatised with the dance from Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

After the performance the parents were ushered out to the field where they were treated to a full rendition of Thriller by all of the Year 6 children, before being pulled out of the audience to take part in the dance too! Shortbread and 'Scottish Brew' punch were served in the pavilion.

We are delighted that Councillor Freda Bourne for West Ham, Kim Vasa and Councillor Miles from Walton-on-the-Naze could be in attendance as well as parents, governors and friends of the school.

If you missed it (and even if you didn't!), have a look at our video above which shows just a fraction of what took place from the rehearsal stage to the final performance.