Dear Friend,

I heard that you are coming to West Ham Church School and you don’t know what it’s like to be here, so I would like to tell you all about the school. First of all, my class looks very tidy.  It has lots of displays and the classroom has a big space for tables and for the carpet. My friends like doing the same things as me.  They play with me in a fair way and we like to play sensible games.  We play games like tag, stuck in the mud and sometimes we join in with other people and their games.  My friends look after me if I am hurt.  Like when I had a belly ache they stopped what they were doing and looked after me or the time I grazed my leg.  They also help me to carry the green bag with games to the playground and we put it down by the fence, ready for play time.  I hope you will have a good time here at West Ham Church. Talk to you soon.

A pupil


  West Ham Church Primary School, Portway, Stratford, London E15 3QG
Telephone: 020 8534 3904 Fax: 020 8519 9179